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My overall aim is to make the best videogame graphics possible. Iíve been an artist my whole life and have been interested in videogames (both playing and making them) for almost as long.




Summary of skills:

  • 3D modelling. Both low and high resolution.
  • Character and Environment Art
  • 3ds Max, Maya, Silo, Mudbox, Zbrush
  • Texturing.
  • Video editing with Premiere.
  • I always like to keep up to date with modern graphics techniques and tools. I have good technical knowledge about how most techniques work and how they can be used. Iíve worked alongside 3D programmers to help bring an artistís perspective to the technical side of real-time 3D.
  • I have strong 2D art skills. I am a trained Fine Artist.
  • I can lead an art team, locally and remotely.
  • I can guide the overall look of a game.
  • I work well in a team.
  • I can match existing graphical styles.
  • Iíve helped junior artists learn the techniques required for real-time game art.



Gamesauce Ltd

2006 - Current


Lead Artist


Emilyís House for Nintendo DS Published by 505 Games

I did all graphics- characters objects and environments. 2D and 3D.

Jeep Thrills for PS2 and Wii Published by DSI

Lead art and half of the environment art.

Little Britain for PS2, PSP, PC Published by Blast

Lead Art and character modelling.




Prism: Light The Way for Nintendo DS


Fire International

2004 - 2006




Worked on various product visualisations.

Worked on 3D and 2D interface elements for Gameshark PS2


Gamesauce Ltd

2003 - 2004


Lead Artist


Popstars PS2 (cancelled)


I worked as Lead Artist on the Popstars Karaoke game. I co-ordinated art, animation and mocap.




Worms Open Warfare For Nintendo DS Published by Take 2

I took assets from team 17ís art team and converted them to work on the Nintendo DS.


I also worked with the programming team on the toolchain.


I worked as an outsourced contract artist for MŲbius Entertainment. These characters were developed from provided concept art. I worked alongside the concept artist to realise them in full 3D and develop a unique visual style for the game on-screen.


I also worked on a set of high res 3D characters for Hairy Moose.


Pixelogic Games Ltd





I worked on the PC version of The Italian Job (the original version, not the Hollywood remake). I modelled, mapped and textured many of the vehicles and characters from scratch. I also worked on some of the levels. These were mostly remodelled from the PS1 originals.


I also worked on a variety of demos.


Pixelogic Ltd





The Italian Job for PS1 published by SCi

I modelled, mapped and textured all of the vehicles and characters for the number one hit ĎThe Italian Jobí. I was also involved in the building and texturing of some of the cities.

Jeff Wayneís The War Of The Worlds for PS1 published by GT Interactive.

I modelled all of the human units from scratch and textured them.

I re-built all of the martian units from the original PC source material. I also had to re texture them.

I designed, built and textured one of the levels completely and joint built a second.

1997-1998 Crime Killer for PS1 published by Interplay.

I worked on the front end graphics, a number of the non-player vehicles and one of the levels.

I also worked on a large number of game concepts and designs during my time at Pixelogic (and Pixelogic Games). I did a large amount of concept art (both paper-based and on-screen).


1994-1997 Falmouth College of Arts


  • BA (Hons) Fine Art (2:1) Specialising in sculpture and computer based art.
  • Foundation in Art and Design
  • 2 A-Levels (Art and English Literature)
  • 9 GCSEs (including Art, Photography and English)




Art, especially digital sculpting, Videogames, Films, Books, Photography, Cooking, Socialising


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