06/07/09 Fairly Major Update. I've been meaning to spend some time adding
images from my last few projects and I've finally gotten around to it.

I've added a new page-
Recent Work for them as otherwise they'd be spread across
many pages as I've worked in several areas on them. Also some of those pages are
getting very long.

I've also added a link to my
Blog on each page. This is easier to update so I'm
adding my work in progress to that rather than this site. It's mostly for my sculpting.

10/12/08 Slight update to fix the character thumbnail table not being the right size in
Internet Explorer. Not sure what happened there, it worked OK in Firefox. Couldn't fix
it before as the web page editor stopped working on my old laptop some time ago.
Now up and running on my nice new one. I've got some new work to post shortly.

12/05/08 Two years since the last update. Doesn't time fly. I've been working as
Lead Artist on several games for Gamesauce Ltd over this time. Recently I've been
spending a while gathering together some of the things I've been working on that I
haven't posted.

First I've added some environments I did for a cancelled karaoke game to the
Architecture page.

Secondly I've added some high res sculpts to the Characters page.

02/04/06 Well it's been over a year since the last update. Sorry for that. I haven't
been doing nothing in this time, I just haven't got permission to post any of my work
until recently. I've now posted a few extra characters that I worked on a little while
ago and I've got a few other things that I have to sort out renders of.

20/10/04 Slight update. I've included a few images from a rendered sequence I did a
while ago on the Misc page. I also put a couple of things on the WIP page that I've
been working on recently.

27/09/04 This is the first version of my webpage  to go live on my own domain name.

Click on the nav bar to see some examples of my work or find out a bit more about

Here's one of my favourite pieces to be getting on with.
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