Here are some images from the most recent few projects I've worked on.

First is Emily's House. This is a DS game for little girls. I was responsible for all of
the art in this one- character design, character models, backgrounds and the many
2D minigames. It was quite an experience being in charge of all the art.

The animation isn't mine though. That was done by Darran Readman and Jonathan
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Here are some shots from Jeep Thrills. I worked as Lead and Environment Artist
on this one. Steve Dinsdale did many of the textures in these shots. Tom Waters
was my co- environment artist. One or two of the buildings in these shots are his,
but most of them are mine.

This was a project with a very tight deadline. I'm quite pleased with the results
considering we had very little time to spend on each level.
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Robin Ball
Little Britain. I was lead and character artist on this project. I modelled pretty
much all of the characters. The majority of the texturing was done by Andy
Nisbet. He also did some work on the facial modelling of the David Walliams
base character.

This was another project with a very tight deadline. I had to do 35 characters in
about four months. Luckily with this license most of the characters are David
Walliams and Matt Lucas in different costumes which helped speed things up a
lot. I made base characters, got them textured and skinned and made all of the
others using those base models.