My name is Robin Ball.

I have been a professional 3D artist for about ten years.

I mainly work on real-time 3D models for use in videogames, although I've also been
involved in some rendered CG.

For the last three years I've been working with Gamesauce Ltd as Lead Artist. For a
while before that I was working as a freelance artist.

I recently worked as the sole artist on the DS game Emily's House for 505 Games.
Also known as I Can Do It Mum: Doll's House.

Before that I worked on:

Jeep Thrills on PS2 and Wii for Destination Software,
Prism: Light The Way for DS for Eidos,
Little Britain for PS2, PSP and PC for Blast.

My main tools of choice are 3DSMax and Photoshop, but I'm proficient with many
other tools, including Painter, Zbrush, Mudbox, Silo, Maya etc.

I'm capable of modelling, mapping and texturing characters, vehicles, props and

I've worked full time for: Pixelogic Ltd, Pixelogic Games Ltd and  Gamesauce Ltd

As Lead Artist at Gamesauce I've been involved in coordinating external contractors,
guiding the look of the games and collaborating with the engine programmer to
achieve the look we're after. I assisted in the design of the graphics engine and
tool-chain. This mostly meant working alongside the engine programmer to work out
the easiest and most flexible way to get all sorts of data out of 3DSMax and into the
form that the engine needed.

At Pixelogic I worked on the number one hit 'The Italian Job' for the PlayStation One
and PC. I was mostly involved in the modelling of vehicles and characters, but I also
worked on some of the level architecture.
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Robin Ball
Before that I worked on 'Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds' on PlayStation One.
This was a re-imagining of a PC game rather than a conversion. Again I was mostly
involved in the modelling of vehicles and characters, but also had a hand in the
construction of one of the levels.

Before that I worked on Crime Killer also for the PlayStation One. This was my first
commercially released game.

I've also worked on contracts for: Mobius Entertainment, Hairy Moose, Transplay and
Fire International.

I have always been interested in videogames, both playing and making them. I made
stuff way back on the MSX and Atari ST. I made a variety of home-brew games
(mostly using 3D Construction Kit). Several of which were released as Shareware or

I discovered the joys of proper 3D modelling at college and my final pieces were all
computer based- both Photoshop work and a short animation made with 3D Studio

In terms of formal education I have a BA(Hons) in Fine Art and 2 A-Levels.

Contact me about any contract work you may have.

Here's my cv in word format
And here's one in html.
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